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TR Holsters has recently formed a partnership in an outside endeavor with Pray Performance. 


The holster business will always remain first and foremost but another passion and outside venture is anything to do with racing. Tony, Founder of TR Holsters got his start in the RC racing community as a child in which earned him the name "Tornado Tony" from this nickname came racing successes known as "Tornado Racing", these successes evolved to what is now TR Holsters. The name stuck and so did his love for anything race related. Setting goals and smashing the field only led to moving on to things with more horsepower.

Brett Stewart, founder of Pray Performance has been building LS and LT motors for many many years. What brought this venture together is Brett is former Special Forces (22 years) out of Ft. Bragg. With TR Holsters, Pray Performance and Ft. Bragg within 2 hrs of each other, this hook up was only inevitable and are already laying the blueprints to hulk smash the drag racing world.

While TR Holsters and Pray Performance build and power the "Leadfed Camaro" you can now grab your Pray Performance merch here. 


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